Corporate Programming

We offer an affordable wellness program that works great for small to midsize companies with a goal to help employees live healthy, happier, and longer lives. Families become less stressed, health care spending and absenteeism decreases, productivity increases while profit rises. It’s a true win win as employees feel better about themselves! We have really enjoy seeing how it can improve people’s lives!

We also offer corporate/business speaking that will have a lasting impact on your employees! Topics include: Staying Relentlessly Positive; How Lessons from a Professional Triathlete Translate into the Business World; Assessing Personalities to Build the Best Team, Becoming the Best Version of Yourself; Failure Is Not Final; How To Set Goals; Overcoming Obstacles.

We also love to write. Writing sets our soul on fire and helps us come alive! We would love to share our knowledge, our failures, and our past experiences with your readers. Contact us for all writing inquiries.