Triathlon Coaching

Whether or not you are training for your first triathlon or your tenth Ironman, we have a coach for you. We custom design our training plans to match your lifestyle and goals. We do not believe in a one size fits all style of coaching. Every athlete has different backgrounds, different limiters, and different needs. After a consultation (in person, Skype, or phone) where we get to know your personality and your athletic history, we will custom design a training plan to get you where you want to go.


Jason Philbin,
PermaTrak President

“I was searching for a coach that could take me to the next level. She gave me daily feedback on every workout that I did. I came away with a 45 minutes personal best at the 70.3 distance….4:55:45. I PRed by 21 minutes in the swim (and swam 95% freestyle which I swam most breast stroke in prior races), 6 minutes better on the bike, and ran 14 minutes faster than my prior best.”


Ken Partel,
retired banker

“What has made my partnership with Kelly so successful for me is her ability to know how I am reacting to my workouts both physically and mentally. Together we set realistic expectations, adjusting for weather, courses, where I am in my training cycle, etc. Kelly has guided me to 2 qualifying spots to the Ironman world championship in Kona plus an age group long course National Championship win.”