Daily & Sport Nutrition

Megan, our team registered dietitian, can help guide you in the following nutrition-related areas:

  • General daily nutritional needs
  • Sport specific nutrition including electrolyte and hydration balance
  • Specialized dietary needs (gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, nut allergies, etc.)
  • Timing of meals, snacks, and hydration
  • Disordered eating
  • Dining out suggestions
  • Family education on nutrition
  • Race ready nutrition (week of, day before, day of, and recovery)
  • Ensuring proper nutrient balance while training
  • Analysis of food journals
  • Physical assessment to determine needs


Megan will provide a thorough consultation with each client in order to determine the clients nutrient needs, timing of meals, sport specific needs, struggles/obstacles, likes/dislikes, any allergies or intolerances and realistic amount of time that can be spent on meal prep. She will also go over habits, struggles, health history, dining out patterns etc. Megan will then provide a personalized plan designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Nutrition can play a huge role in the outcome of athletic endeavors. Whether you are competing in an IRONMAN or wanting to improve your immune system and feel better in daily activities, seeking help from a dietitian can be the key to success.