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Blog 4: Beloved

by Coach Meghan

January is a time of new beginnings, but my heart is always heavy this month. I am grieved when I think about my dear friend Aimee’s short life, but then I am reminded of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “It is not the length of life, but depth of life.” Four years ago, my dear friend Aimee died suddenly in a terrible car accident on her way to teach her 4thgraders. Aimee’s name means beloved, and she was loved by so many people.  It was easy to love her because she loved others unconditionally.  Her middle name is Elizabeth, and it means “fullness of God.”  Though she didn’t have a long life, she embraced the gift of life.

I’ve learned so much from Aimee’s life that I will never forget.

1. Work hard.  Aimee poured her heart into teaching her precious 4thgraders.

2. Set goals.  Aimee set goals to play the guitar and race a 10K.

3. Dream big.  Aimee had dreams of going on the mission field in a foreign country.

4. Do something extraordinary with your life.  Aimee was fluent in Mandarin Chinese!

5. Do the little things well.  Aimee didn’t grumble when she had to cook and clean, in fact, she enjoyed those tedious activities because she had a servant heart.

6. Laugh.  Every day Aimee laughed and laughed and laughed. She refreshed our souls.

7. Be still and rest.  Aimee found a balance in life and knew the importance of relaxing and renewing one’s mind & body.

8. Be vulnerable.  Aimee embodied vulnerability with close family and friends.  She was humble and open in a life-giving way.

9. Be all there.  Aimee didn’t live her life on autopilot.  She questioned things, learned from situations, and engaged others.

10. Be generous with your time.  Aimee would drive to another city on a regular basis visiting an old lady who became a dear friend to her.

11. Be faithful in the small things.  Aimee would not back out on plans.  If she said she was going to be there, you could fully rely on her.

12. Let your heart smile.  Aimee had a beautiful smile that started from her heart.

13. Don’t settle.  Aimee had multiple guys interested in her, but she was patiently waiting for the one who would sweep her off her feet.

14. Don’t waste your life.  Aimee barely watched television.  If she had free time she would be stimulating her mind reading or spending time with a friend.

15. Get comfortable in your own skin.  Aimee would wear a hoodie to dinner and not worry what others would think about it.

16. Make granola and eat a lot of ice cream.  Aimee would spend time baking fresh, healthy, homemade granola for someone she loved.  She also loved to splurge on ice cream.

17. Be amazed, not jealous.  Aimee cared about your life and shared in your successes.

18. Radiate joy.  Aimee had true joy that was not dependent on circumstances.

19. There is no place like home.  Aimee longed to go home.

20. Have an eternal mindset.  Aimee fully embraced life in the present, yet she kept her eyes up.

I feel blessed to have known Aimee. I hope she also inspires you to live a life of passion embracing every day.