Glenda Canipe

Glenda Training TestimonialMeghan Fillnow has the heart, passion and drive to inspire and train others to accomplish their athletic goals. As one of her clients for the past two years, I have seen her in action. She is the total package. She is a coach who leads by example and has instilled disciplines into my lifestyle. I had struggled with various weaknesses in my body such as ankle surgery, mono., and cancer. I could not run 3 minutes at first but Meghan helped me gain strength slowly through her training. I lost 30 pounds over the course of the first year and now am training for my first ½ Marathon. She is a teacher and has given great details to assist me in understanding how to succeed in my training. She motivates and pushes me to a greater potential than I thought I could attain. Her knowledge and skill of swim, bike, running and many other sports is phenomenal. She studies and trains in her disciplines daily. She always speaks the truth but does it with tremendous encouragement leaving me with the sense of “I can do this!” She will not except the words can’t or failure to be said but strives to guide others to a correct mindset. One of her motto’s she refers to often is “Stay Relentlessly Positive!” I’m so thankful to be trained by the absolute best! Meghan is an amazingly talented athlete and has the unique gift to train others as well. I believe she was born for incredible feats in the athletic field and so much more. She certainly inspires me to do and be more! I value her insights and opinions and love her refreshing personality. She is confident in her athletic abilities and has had great success. Yet, she is humble and kind and wears no arrogance at all! She does wear a joyful smile that cheers the day. She is a role model for the young and old alike.  I highly recommend Meghan for coaching.

– Glenda Canipe