Keffer Automotive Group

What sets apart Keffer Automotive Group is the difference they are making in the community. They give back. They inspire. Their owner, Jim Keffer, is one of the most inspiring people we have met. He has the busiest schedule anyone can imagine, yet he makes time to eat well, exercise, and has even trained for and completed IRONMAN New Zealand! If you are looking for dealerships you can trust with fabulous customer service, check out any of their dealerships (Mazda, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen models).



Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo engineered the very first triathlon specific bike in 1989! We loved touring their factory and witnessing bikes being built. It was pretty special meeting the awesome lady who painted our amazing bikes! They are industry leaders and are always in the process of innovation and growth. They care about their athletes. It is not just the IRONMAN winner. It is the athlete who wants to ride a bike to lose 100 pounds. It is the weekend warrior. It is the newbie triathlete. They build bikes with that in mind – to get you to where you want to go. We are so grateful to be sponsored by a brand that gets it. 


Sporting Medicine

Sporting Medicine is Fillnow Coaching’s Sports Medicine Team Physician. Dr. Graham is trained in both Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. His clinical practice is driven by his passion for joint preservation and injury prevention, harnessing the power of regenerative biology and biomechanics analysis to keep his patients active, healthy, and happy.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Graham has traveled extensively serving as a Team Physician for US Soccer’s Youth National Teams in international competition. Throughout his medical education, he studied with elite soccer athletes and their physicians. Following two seasons training under the medical staff for the Columbus Crew, he spent his fellowship working with the Los Angeles Galaxy, Chivas USA, and US Soccer Sports Medicine. Upon completion of his medical training, Dr. Graham was honored with the opportunity to continue supporting US Soccer Sports Medicine.



Greenapple Sports & Wellness


We are grateful for the fabulous chiropractic care that Greenapple Sports provides. They help our athletes stay injury free through proper preventative care. They help muscles stay activated and function properly through active release therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic work. They meet the individual needs of each patient to restore highest possible function. They go beyond just diagnosing the issue, but determine the cause. They work closely with other health care providers to ensure patients receive the best possible treatment.



Charlotte Running Company

CRC has been an incredible support to the local running community since 2000. They do a phenomenal job making sure athletes are in the correct shoes to decrease injury risk. They offer over 14 brands of running shoes ensuring that each customer will be in the right shoe for them! We encourage you to shop local and experience their incredible service!




Not so often you want to stay in your bib shorts after a long ride, but with Velocio, it is not a problem heading to the local coffee shop after a ride due to the incredible comfort of their products! Beyond just the incredible quality of the gear, we love how Velocio seeks to create clothing that improves the experience of riding. One of the greatest aspects of riding a bike is the stories we share while being together. It is through pedaling that friendships are created, and relationships are made.