Run Coaching

We have multiple run coaching options with one goal in mind: to help you surpass your goals. Coaching goes beyond the mere physical training program. We seek to empower you to find your greatness. From track training, to 5k training, to marathon training, we will help you get to where you want to be.

“As recently as three years ago, I was running marathons in the 3:40s. With Kelly, I’ve run a 3:13 and a 3:14, good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon.” — Theoden Janes, Pop Culture Writer, Charlotte Observer

“Since I hit my thirties and became a Mom to three kids under 3, I hadn’t made running a priority anymore. Meghan worked around my busy schedule to give me workouts accommodating my family’s needs. She believed in me as a mom and as a runner.  She pushed me both mentally and physically; I was shocked after her workouts by what my body was still capable of doing! I did shave off minutes off my time, and for that I am happy. But more importantly, as I crossed that finish line I felt empowered as a mom, as a wife and as a woman. Can’t thank Meghan enough!” — Tere Druen

“After dropping 15 minutes off my half marathon PR working with Kelly for just a couple of months, I realized there was a lot more potential there, and that there were huge benefits from her coaching. In not even a full year working with Kelly, I have dropped 39 minutes off my half Ironman PR and my marathon PR.” –Marc Gustafson, Attorney