Robert Harriss

Robert HarrissI first met Meghan in November 2013; I was finishing a year that had some family challenges with a lot of travel and little sleep. This created challenges in my running where my results suffered due to lack of motivation to train hard and I had little confidence when I arrived at races. After a half marathon in October I knew at that point I needed a change. A friend who had been training with Fillnow Coaching for a couple of years gave me a recommendation to meet with Meghan and go from there. When I started working with Meghan I was a little intimidated during the weekly run classes, training plans and was out of shape but I was determined to put my best foot forward and really take the instruction to heart and see what happened. Within the first two months I won a 5K Age Group for the first time and placed 3rd Age Group in another 5K and had seen my half marathon time drop 15 minutes; and the personal instruction I received from Meghan made me want to work harder as I was starting to see results that I hadn’t seen in a few years. Meghan always reaches out to me via e-mail to give me that personal touch, words of encouragement and is always interested in learning how I do after races or hard workouts. After working with Meghan just a little over 7 months I have lost 34 pounds and have gotten myself in much better shape, I have dropped my half marathon time down 21 minutes, set five 5K PR’s plus a new marathon PR!