The McGeoughs

Dr Mark and Dr Sarah McGeoughI started training with Kelly several years ago when I was hoping to make a lifestyle change. I had recently recovered from battling cancer when I met Kelly. I wanted to learn to be stronger and live a better lifestyle. I was ultimately hoping to loose weight that I had cumulated in my last three pregnancies. Initially I was nervous about training with her because I had never been an athlete. Kelly has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of her. I told her I wanted to run a marathon and she not only helped me get through the 26 miles but helped me qualify for the Boston Marathon in the process. She has trained me through multiple marathons, two ironmans and many other triathlons all while helping me maintain a busy work and family schedule.  Her coaching services have been much more than giving me a training plan. She has been a mentor to me. She has helped me find courage and strength in a supportive positive environment and along the way I’ve accomplished some amazing goals.

We have had Kelly training us for the last five years. We have thrown everything we could at her, and she has directed us seamlessly to everyone of our goals. Having a veterinary practice, three kids and two parents training never once kept her from crafting us a plan from sprint and 5k’s to ironman, Boston marathon and even an ultra. She has been the reason we have been able to stay injury free and still compete on our highest possible level.  We could not have done this without her.

– Dr. Mark and Dr. Sarah McGeough, Birdale Animal Hospital Veteranarians