Marc Gustafson

Marc Gustafson TrainedBefore working with Kelly, I had relegated all of my athletic achievements to my high school days. I would run races and competed in triathlons, but my results were what you would expect from a weekend warrior with little to no training plan.   After dropping 15 minutes of my half marathon PR working with Kelly for just a couple of months, I realized there was a lot more potential there, and that there were huge benefits from her coaching.  Kelly is very thoughtful about my training, able to adjust my schedule on the fly and is always there with words of encouragement when they are most needed.  In not even a full year working with Kelly, I have dropped 39 minutes off my half Ironman PR and my marathon PR and look forward to going even lower at my next marathon!  I had also given up on any thought of completing a marathon, but with Kelly’s help, I’m looking forward to IM Lake Placid 2014!!!

– Marc Gustafson, Attorney