Keith Weidman

I began running 3 years ago with the Run Ballantyne 5K. I immediately was hooked on the sport and joined a local running group. I was able to follow a generic training plan and improved my speed and increased my distance. Along the way I developed this crazy goal of running the Boston Marathon one day. I ran my first marathon and was riddled with injuries and despite a decent race I was 15+ minutes away from that Boston goal. I realized that I wasn’t getting any faster and was always injured. I read a ton of articles and books on training, but could not figure out how to improve. Around this time, my friend Matt Bush told me about Fillnow Coaching. His tag line as relayed to him by our friend Théoden Janes, “They just get results”. Sounds good enough that I needed to give this a try!


As background, I am married and have 3 children ages 7, 4, and 2 as well as a high-stress demanding job that requires me to travel internationally from time to time. Whatever steps I took for my hobby needed to balance these commitments.   I also tend to go all in on things, so finding a coach who appreciates the value of relationships and family was something that I knew I needed.

After deciding to take the plunge with Fillnow Coaching, I was lucky enough to meet Meghan Fillnow. Before I say one word about her coaching, which is amazing, I need to say she is one of the best human beings you can ever met. One of the highest compliments say about her is that she is someone I would like my daughters to grow up and be like! Her attitude makes me believe I can do anything and she always finds the right words to motivate and guide me while staying “relentlessly positive”. I think this is the single more important distinguishing factor in my coaching experience. It allows me to have complete trust and confidence in her approach.

The tailored coaching program that Meghan gives me each week is so different than the generic programs I was using before, and so are the results! We set a couple of big goals and a lot of smaller goals along the way and I saw results very quickly. Right away I had a PR in a local half marathon after only 1 month largely based on having a race plan and just executing that plan.   I now understand how to train and race in a way that pays dividend for “A” races or the random 5k I may enter. The variety of workouts keeps the training interesting and keeps me engaged in the purpose of the workout. The cross-training and strength/core work have kept me injury free for over a year. This led to an ability to make consistent fitness gains, lose 20+ lbs. and start to see my times improve dramatically.   The other thing coaching helped me with is it provided me with an ability to manage my time much more effectively while training more! I have workouts a week in advance and can plan ahead without thinking, this is even more important when traveling.

So back to the beginning, did Fillnow Coaching get results for me? Well, I set a PR at every distance I raced from 5K to Marathon. I have reached the podium in a number of races and place in AG in what feels like almost every race now. I won the Resolution Race Series and best of all qualified for the Boston Marathon by 5+ minutes last fall in Philadelphia. This year I revisited my first race, Run Ballantyne, and without planning to “race” it, I ran 5 minutes faster than 3 years ago and won 3rd place overall. So when someone asks me about Fillnow Coaching I can say without reservation, “They just get results”!