James Petrosky

James PetroskyI’ve been a client of Kelly Fillnow since 2010, and she’s been my coach and created my training plans for numerous races and endurance events over the past four years. Having first started multisport a few years before training with Kelly, I was not new to triathlons. That said, since working with Kelly, I’ve seen a steady progression in my performance and have attained numerous personal bests in events ranging from 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, Half Ironman (my favorite), and 25k – pretty much every event for which Kelly has trained me.

I initially began working with Kelly out of a need for personalized training, but in a way that could be done without needing to commit to group workouts and/or a rigid schedule (i.e. needed flexibility as to when I trained during the day.) Based upon the schedule demands and commitments in my work and personal life, I find that having the ability to pull down a plan from TrainingPeaks and fit it into my day works the best for me. I also travel some for work, and Kelly adapts my training to take this into account. It’s really helped to make maintaining my fitness with a busy schedule fun and doable.

Another great benefit of working with Kelly is how she truly listens to your goals, and helps you turn them into reality. In this regard, Kelly has been straightforward and pragmatic in planning my training to result in the highest possible ROI in terms of what I put in. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to building training plans and tuning them to what works for the athlete. After four years of training me, Kelly has dialed in my training to work with my life and to build on my abilities/strengths/weaknesses. She also makes it fun. Finally, Kelly is extremely motivating. She balances heavy training blocks with appropriate recovery cycles and mixes in fun workouts and events. In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Fillnow Coaching for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to continually improve their athletic performance.


-James Petrosky, Lead IW Architect, Microsoft Corporation.