Christen Brown

ChristenBrownAs a self-described Type A Perfectionist & Workaholic, I travel by plane 2-3 days a week and a typical work week is 60+ hours.  I have always been active in sports, bootcamps, 10k’s etc, but due to “life”,  I was at a point where I was bored with my workouts and no longer was making time for myself personally and my fitness regimen was also suffering; in a nutshell, I had no balance.
When I first spoke to Kelly,  I was very hesitant…When would I have time for this, how would I make the time, and what would be my end result goal?  I also worried that I would invest in the training, but I would not be held accountable because I was not going to be in person training with her. Kelly put all of my fears and insecurities to rest and we quickly found an obtainable goal considering my work schedule and other time constraints that I had working against me. We decided 5 lbs and a sprint triathlon in 12 weeks from my beginning date would be my goal…I was very nervous but agreed.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever even considered a sprint triathlon before setting that goal with Kelly. Over the next few days, Kelly helped me understand that I needed to find balance and she promised that I would not take away much needed time from my family or my career with the workout regimen that she would put in place for me to be accomplished in hotels and in my home city.  I promised her my commitment and she promised me the results!

Fast forward 5 months, and I have just completed my third sprint triathlon and I already have my next goal in mind….Olympic triathlon. Also, to my surprise, I have exceeded my goal of 5lbs and have actually hit 15lbs!  This has been accomplished by the cross training workouts Kelly has customized for me and my eating. I was already eating fairly healthy, but I have become more aware and cleaned up my diet a bit, but no hard dieting at all.

All in all, I can honestly say that I feel more fit than I have in my entire life and I have met a new, lifelong friend along the way.
Kelly has encouraged me through every step…from helping me get a few swim lessons lined up where I live, to learning what to look for in a bike and being thrilled for me when I hit a 9 minute mile in my run.  While we have only met once in person, I have never been more encouraged or excited by a coach.  I highly recommend Kelly and Meghan to anyone looking for a challenge, a new goal or just a new fitness Accountability Partner to encourage you and help you through this journey we call Life!”