Brett Fincham

I began my running journey about 3 years ago by joining a local group that focused on training for full and half marathons. I was immediately hooked on the competitive yet supportive nature of the sport and group I was training with. After a year and a half, I found my training stagnated and my injuries anything but. Around this time a few of my friends started training with Meghan Fillnow at Fillnow Coaching, and after asking their advice on how to improve my training, my friend said, “if you’ve got the extra cash, get yourself a coach.” Luckily, my wife had the cash and I was off and running (pun intended) with Meghan, too.

I loved the training from day 1. Not only does Meghan produce a seemingly endless variety of workouts, but they are specifically tailored for your running goals and also focus on what you enjoy. Hate speedwork and tempo runs like me? Then, a steady diet of tempos and LT runs is what you’ll get, with some speedwork thrown in for fun…..or maybe torture. Travel every week and need tons of flexibility in your schedule? Take it from me, Meghan will make sure your workouts are scheduled perfectly around your work, travel and family schedules. Also, as a runner, I like to run (and not swim). But, Meghan has engrained in me the importance of cross training (even swimming), strength training, core strengthening and rest days to stay fit and injury free. All of this allows you to push yourself to accomplish things you never thought you could do. When I sat down with Meghan for the first time, I told her I would never run a marathon. Well, I just completed my second and now have my sights set on qualifying for Boston. I wouldn’t even be close without her training plans and guidance.

But honestly, those are just the reasons you start with Fillnow Coaching. You stay with them for so many more. What you find is that the confidence, discipline, dedication and joy you gain from training bleeds into your work life and you accomplish so much more there than what you thought possible, just like in your athletic endeavors. Tough 10am conference call with a customer? Piece of cake after tackling a 4 mile LT workout that morning at 5am! Most importantly, though, is that along the way, Meghan’s relentlessly positive attitude, gracious spirit, and unwavering faith rub off on you and end up being the true things you take away from “Coach Meg”.

So, join FC to crush your next marathon or triathlon, because you will. But don’t be surprised if along the way, you become a more caring spouse, a more dedicated employee, and just an all-around better person.brett