Brandon Shelton

Brandon SheltonWorking with Kelly over the past 9x months has been incredibly rewarding on many levels:  fitness, confidence, and mental preparedness. Completing Ironman Texas in extreme heat conditions and raising money for Veterans was quite rewarding, but I left that race feeling a bit unfulfilled; that I did not perform at the levels which I now know possible with Kelly at my side. So I decided to sign up for Augusta 70.3 under a strict, 8-week training plan. I travel every week for work and have two, small kids at home so life can be quite frenetic at times so we had to be very economical in my regimen. Under Kelly’s careful overwatch I started to see breakthrough results in all three disciplines which led me to the best race of my life in Augusta. I’ve raced 2x Ironmans and 9x 70.3’s over the past 6x years and can honestly say that this past one was the best for me physically, mentally and emotionally- I give much of that credit to Kelly. As a result I’m signing up for IMAZ with a long term goal to reach Kona.

– Brandon Shelton