Keffer Automotive Group

What sets apart Keffer Automotive Group is the difference they are making in the community. They give back. They inspire. Their owner, Jim Keffer, is one of the most inspiring people I have met. He has the busiest schedule anyone can imagine, yet he makes time to eat well, exercise, and has even trained for and completed IRONMAN New Zealand! If you are looking for dealerships you can trust with fabulous customer service, check out any of their dealerships (Mazda, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen models).



Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo engineered the very first triathlon specific bike in 1989! I loved touring their factory and witnessing bikes being built. It was pretty special to meet the awesome lady who painted my amazing bike! They are industry leaders and are always in the process of innovation and growth. They care about their athletes. It is not just the IRONMAN winner. It is the athlete who wants to ride a bike to lose 100 pounds. It is the weekend warrior. It is the newbie triathlete. They build bikes with that in mind – to get you to where you want to go. I’m so grateful to be sponsored by a brand that gets it. 



BASE Performance

BASE Performance is the fudge, whipped cream, and cherry on top of my sundae. You can have the best ice cream in the world, (perfect training) but without the toppings, (the best nutrition) you fall short. I can’t eat a sundae without my cherry on top or do an IRONMAN without my BASE. BASE Performance has made the difference in my IRONMAN finishes. Besides getting results, I love partnering with brands who go the extra mile. Whether or not it is shipment within an hour of ordering with a special handwritten note inside, or dance parties at mile 20 of an IRONMAN, BASE Performance knows how to enjoy life, own the moment, and bring smiles to everyone looking to achieve greatness.



Greenapple Sports & Wellness

Since I began working with Greenapple Sports, I have stayed injury free, despite my high training load. The only way to reach performance goals is through consistent training, so I owe it to the fabulous doctors at Greenapple for keeping me healthy. They keep my muscles activated and functioning properly through active release therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic work.



Charlotte Running Company

CRC has been an incredible support to the local running community since 2000. They do a phenomenal job making sure you are in the right shoes which will decrease injury risk. They offer over 14 brands of running shoes ensuring that each customer will be in the right shoe for them! We encourage you to shop local and experience their incredible service!




When I first saw Velocio gear, I started crushing on the product. When I tried on the cycling gear, I immediately fell in love. Like, fall in love I never want to get out of my bib shorts kind of love. I also could not believe that I did not have to take off my sweaty base layer, jersey, and vest to go to the bathroom! I actually beat my training partner (dude) out of the bathroom for the first time ever! Beyond just the incredible quality of the gear, I love the how Velocio seeks to create clothing that improves the experience of riding. One of the greatest aspects of riding a bike is the stories we share while being together. It is through pedaling that friendships are created, and relationships are made.



United States Performance Center

Before working out at USPC, I cramped in most of my IRONMAN races. Things changed when I began working with the awesome trainers at USPC. They helped my muscles to function optimally and turned my weaknesses into strengths.They periodize my training to help me properly peak for my races.The best part about getting stronger is enjoying the process. I love the family atmosphere and how each trainer cares about each client. Come join me in the fun!